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How VR brain training can help reduce chronic pain

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Key Discussion Points

Is chronic pain a medical or psychological problem?

Learn more about what causes chronic pain and what role our brain plays in this process

Why does Virtual Reality work for pain reduction?

What makes VR a go-to solution in situations where discomfort and acute pain are common?

Can our brain be trained to feel less pain?

Discover what the latest pain management guidelines prescribe for pain treatment and what the brain training has to do with it

How to use Reducept through XRHealth?

Learn all the ways to start using Reducept for pain management through the XRHealth Virtual Clinic


Louis Zantema, Chief Science Officer @Reducept

Louis Zantema is a Chief Science Officer and co-founder at Reducept. He has over 8 years of clinical expertise in treating patients with chronic pain as a psychologist. Louis was awarded by the Royal House of the Netherlands in recognition of his exceptional performance as a medical professional.

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Dr. Sarah Ortiz, PT, DPT @XRHealth

Dr. Sarah Ortiz is a Physical Therapist with over 6 years of experience focusing on Orthopedics, Sports, and General Outpatient Rehabilitation. Currently, she’s a Physical Therapist at XRhealth, helping chronic pain patients to overcome their pain and return to their active lives.

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August 3rd
16:00 CEST